Rancilio – Coffee Machine

Since 1927, RANCILIO has worked to safeguard and promote Italian espresso culture worldwide through the production of professional espresso machines and dosing-grinders with advanced technology and design. The company puts a special focus on reliability and customer care and its wide range of products is able to satisfy all market needs. Since 1999, RANCILIO has opened five branch companies: Chicago, USA; Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Dottikon, Switzerland and Weikersheim, Germany. The company joined the market of fully-automatic coffee machines following the acquisition of Egro Coffee Systems AG in 2008. With 45 active patents and two Research and Development centers, Rancilio Group shows its commitment to innovation and its desire to interpret to perfection the needs of coffee lovers worldwide. RANCILIO is publishing the BEATS Sustainability Report to provide its stakeholders with a periodical report on the actions taken and the commitments made to develop sociallyresponsible corporate conduct. RANCILIO is committed to the responsible management of resources. The company follows an environmentally-friendly policy for all its production processes, attaining the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 certifications. A photovoltaic system, on the roof of the 8,000 sq m production plant, produces energy to satisfy the company’s needs. Product development is oriented to increase efficiency and sustainability to ensure responsible growth.