Suzhou Ai-Sea Industrial Glass Co.,Ltd

Suzhou Ai-Sea Industrial Glass Co.,Ltd founded in 2006, Ai-Sea have own large production base in Suzhou China . It is an industrial chain company in glass industry with produce of sheet glass, deep and fine processing, logistics transport, decoration & design and installing service set in one. We specializes in production, manufacturing and installation of decorative glass, in accordance with its whole development strategy, introduces a supply of top-end equipments like laser engraving machine, water-jet cutting machine and glass printing machine and equips itself with a complete range of processing capacities like coloured engraving, jet drawing, water-jet cutting ,hot melting, varnish baking, sand-blasting engraving and glass wiring, devoting to provide a variety of decorative glasses required for halls and clubs, household decoration, entertainment venues and offices. We equipped with a first-class design & production team and has a production line that integrates hot processing, cold processing and combined processing and superb professional techniques.